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Spaghetti, Wine and Caroline Vreeland: How to Talk Wine Her Way

You may recognize Caroline Vreeland by her last name. She’s related to the late Diana Vreeland – who happens to be her great grandmother – but Caroline is molding her own legacy.

During a recent outing to New York, the model and singer-songwriter took us to Lil Frankie’s in East Village to indulge in wine and pasta al limone. You need only visit Caroline’s Instagram to understand she’s a “wino.” Her bio line by Baudelaire reads: “Get drunk and stay that way. On what? On wine, poetry, virtue, whatever. But get drunk.”

There’s no one better to school you in a mini wine tasting lesson on the S’s – see, swirl, smell, sip and swallow. There’s the proper way to describe it, and then there’s Caroline’s way.


What’s alcohol without a little naughty. Check out the Supreme and Sami Miro Vintage-styled editorial above and the video below and try your hand at your own descriptions next time you drink.

Lil Frankie’s
19 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10003

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