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VSCO and Oakley Explore Outdoor Obsessions Through Its PRIZM™ Lens Technology

Oakley and VSCO have announced a partnership with the launch of the VSCO x Oakley Prizm™ Lens Technology Presets. Oakley engineers teamed up with VSCO’s color scientists in conceptualizing a custom filter that replicates the effects of the PRIZM™ Lens Technology in three presets — Road, Snow and Tungsten. The PRIZM™ Sport-Road brightens whites and enhances yellows, greens and reds so cyclists can see subtle changes in road texture and spot hazards more easily. While the PRIZM™ Snow brings out the details in snow texture by precisely enhancing the color contrast normally hidden in winter environments, the PRIZM™ Tungsten is a warm-based lens that improves all colors and contrast. Each filter also includes a slider, allowing users to adjust the preset’s color balance — simulating the same transition eyes undergo when adjusting to Prizm lenses.

According to VSCO VP of Marketing Gene Paek, the presets offer a more creative concept point of view, “while also ensuring these creators felt empowered to capture their outdoor obsessions with our custom presets.” Oakley commissioned three VSCO photographers — Nathalia Allen, Alex Strohl and Tiffany Tu — to bring Oakley’s One Obsession #CantStop campaign to life – sharing images of what the #CantStop mentality represents in each of their lives. Through the lenses of VSCO photographers, we get a glimpse of road cycling in NYC, running in the Scarborough Bluffs in Canada, and hiking in the cold mountains of France.

Head over to to learn more about the PRIZM™ Lens Technology and download the three freeOakley PRIZM™ presets on July 11.

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